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Please update this app for it to be able to work. I use this all the time but since I updated my phone it will not work now.

Unable to download

Not available because app is not iOS 11 compatible. 😞 (<—which makes me sad, so I’m using an imojecon with saddish face.)

Needs an update

Can’t use it with IOS 11.

Good App, needs Updating

This app found more jobs than any other app. It was also easier to find hot spots for your career search; cities with the most jobs in your chosen field. Unfortunately it’s way out of date and will no longer run under iOS 11 or greater.


Please update the app. Works great when working. Not compatible with iOS 11

Please update to work with new IOS

I hopped in here this morning to run a search and was unable to due to the fact the app is not updated to work with the new IOS. Please update!! Thank you!


I absolutely love this app! Although.... I did this update to iOS 11 and now it won’t open! 😩 to the developer can you please update? Please? Thanks!

Won’t work yet with IOS 11

Will change back to 5 stars once app developers make compatible with IOS 11.

Great !

Update! Soon?

Keeps crashing

Really annoying it keeps crashing then said over 20,000+ jobs near me but then says no jobs are near me when I click on a specific location.

Needs Updates - Used to be Great

This had been a great application for many years, however, the app Needs Updating...The last revision date is 2013. When using the app my iPhone warns that this app may slow down my device and needs updating. Why hasn't the owners of this app made any updates and improvements.

Locked out on LinkedIn authentication

I have tried to close the app and restart my phone and a blank authentication screen keeps popping up. If you click cancel it just disappears and pops up again. Guess I'll uninstall.

Ancient UX and bugs connecting with LinkedIn

Like the workflow and capability of the app. UX is very ancient though and don't feel spending lot of time using this app. Also, last time it worked for me was when I tried connecting to LinkedIn. Every since then it pulls a empty screen. Even after exiting the app it shows the same screen. Sorry, have to delete the app now.

UX decent but could be kaizened.

Feature add request When I email myself the job, subject line should be City, salary, job title, organization/agency Don't make me read "job opportunity" meat first, skip fluff.

Needs bug fixes

Difficult completing applications in app because you cant scroll sometimes or select from a drop down menu.

Just not very helpful

This is one of those apps that gets you close, but then something different goes wrong. Over and over... I've spent so much time working around the failed processes that it seems like it would have been better to just apply for the job without this app.


This app does not work

Broken App

Doesn't work properly, don't waste your time with this piece of crap

Much better than Indeed and Monster

I love this app because not only you can track the jobs you're interested in but it has way more job opportunities than the other ones. Recommended!!!

Very slow. Not efficient. Not using it!

This app needs a lot of work to function properly. It is very clunky and non intuitive.

Love it!

This is my main app I use to search new opportunities.

Please update app

The scroll option is stuck on 'select'. You can't fill out applications with the app button stuck

Crashes over and over

Had this app for about ten minutes and it has run into at least three different bugs. Resume disappears when applying LinkedIn is forever awaiting authorization so I would most likely have to uninstall app and reinstall. Stuck on that screen even when I close app. Submit forms only to have them reappear Has good listings, however, which seem to just come from indeed

Results are fairly useless

Adding the job title of Program Manager, set for display of relevance, their are 319 results. However, the first few are Quality Manager, Drug Court Case, Sr Director, Supply Chain Manager. The fifth listing is relevant with the title Program Manager. This app would be useful if you could fine tune it to give you what you want by actual job title and some industries. The same thing happens with other search apps so maybe it's the state of technology today for apps. The web versions do give you advanced filtering but I haven't found an app yet that really targets the job title you actually want to search for.

Better than indeed, great job search tool!

I used to use indeed is my main source were looking for jobs. But I'm finding that this app is finding many more jobs that indeed missed. I still use indeed and this app. But I find this application out perform indeed pretty much every time. I like to user-interface as it is and have the attitude if it's working don't fix it. I like how it shows how many days the job is been posted. Remember older postings many times yield poor results are younger job posting is always much better to go for a recent job posting if you have a choice between two jobs. The application is solid and doesn't crash. It would be good if it's great out jobs you had looked at previously.

Doesn't work

If there are any drop down questions in the follow-up, I can't choose an answer. Right now I am stuck on LinkedIn authorization. Can't do anything.

Gave me all jobs from Indeed

When I did a job search all the jobs were from Indeed. So what was the point? I might as well look through Indeed!!

Not loading

Shows jobs, but when you select a job it never loads.


Great app! Shows everything I'd expect it to show. Menu is great. Saved searches and you can categorize your jobs, which I find a bit quirky and fun. Not to mention, the jobs location filters are one of the best, in my opinion. Doesn't have confusing layout. It's great! Oh and good luck to all who's looking for a job!


Can't connect to LinkedIn. Old app with no updates.

Great app! Very easy to understand and use!

Great app! Very easy to understand and use! David Lorea Farrington


Has the same job listing as indeed I would give It a better rating only if they stop using other job search listings

Uses Indeed Engine

Doesn't seem to offer anything that indeed doesn't do. When you open the app it announces that it only pulls from indeed.

Great but needs updates!

Updated review: Used to be great, falling behind due to lack of updates, support & features. Was my go to job search app for years, now a sad waste of time & energy. This could be a fantastic app, shame it's been abandoned by its developers and ignored feature requests. Deleted until it's updated.


great app!! got hired at a job not even a full week after downloading the app to my phone.

Can't Fill Out Jobs

This would be a good app if you could fill out the jobs in the app.

Don't work

Freezes and exits when trying to use

Great app

Very helpful way of tracking jobs.


Trying to find a quick job, but it's not going so "quick" with this app. I had to wait 20 minutes for it to complete half of an application because it either wouldn't load the next page or wouldn't continue to the next page. I got halfway through and there was no button to proceed with the application, so it's basically useless. That's happened with all of the applications I've tried filling out. DO NOT RECOMMEND. I've already deleted it from my phone and will NOT be adding it back.

Good app

I really like this app. My only gripe is that many of the jobs listed are out of date.

Poor function

The searches are naive. The results aren't very good. I used this app for months and it didn't help in my search.

Great app. Searches everywhere for you

I was skeptical when I saw this app but it works really well. It seems to search all the job sites and finds matches easily. 5 stars. Good job!!

Can't complete process

Every time I try to finish an application it kicks me out or says something went wrong ! Fix PLZZ


5 minutes into using the application and I can tell you this is probably the most helpful job search app I've come across. I've used plenty apps but this one gives you feature after feature as well as really helpful pop ups to assist in providing quick access. I'm sold.

Very efficient!

This is a very efficient way to search for a job.

Worried a bit!

People claiming to use this app for six months obviously need to quit writing reviews and look elsewhere for work! Hah!

Great App

Very versatile app with easy navigation and innovative features that make searching simple in any market or region. Highly recommended for job searching!

Great app

Lots of jobs

Not bad

Has some neat features my other job app doesn't. But it shows jobs outside the distance I selected. Also would be nice if you could deselect jobs you are not interested in.

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